Within 21 years, Swiss Petroleum has invested in
and marshalled its human and technological resources
along the upstream sector.

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The future is bright and we look forward to strengthening our position throughout Africa and the Middle East.
Within 6 years, Swiss Petroleum has invested in and marshalled its human and technological resources along the upstream sector. As an independent and rapidly growing E&P company we target world class opportunities in emerging markets offering prolific petroleum basins. We have a strategic focus on Africa and the Middle East. We have become the largest independent oil producer in Nigeria and a pioneer investor in the Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. As a publicly traded company on both the Swiss and London Stock Exchanges, Swiss Petroleum is committed to a growth strategy that has been and continues to be fuelled by the energy of its people.

It is a source of immense pleasure that the entrepreneurial spirit that inspired me in the very first days is shared by all employees today.

— We grow up fast, so let’s grow up together!


  • Mgr. El-Hadj Omar Bach
    Chairman of the board
  • Bahnhofstrasse I
    6301 Zug, Switzerland